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JETechnology Solutions offers helicopter maintenance stands with custom designs to meet your requirements. Rolling, stationary and adjustable models are available to fit your operations. Work closely with our team to find the suitable stand for your practices that maintains safety and compliance in every way.

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Why Are Helicopter Maintenance Stands Important?

Aircraft offer convenience and innovation in military, commercial and transportation industries. To keep up with their job demands, they must be carefully maintained for flight and function, and helicopters are no exception.

The challenge that comes with maintaining helicopters is accessing all critical maintenance points. These aircraft have unique shapes and sizes that require a system for accessing the rotor mast and other vital parts. Helicopter maintenance stands make it easy for repair and maintenance managers to access every critical machine checkpoint.

With helicopter maintenance stands, rotary-wing aircraft stay safe in the air, and repair teams can handle their jobs efficiently.

Types of Helicopter Maintenance Stands

With helicopters having various configurations and hangars having different layouts, JETechnology provides a range of helicopter stands for maintenance needs. Our selection of maintenance stands includes small platforms with stair access to rotor masts and larger platforms that surround your helicopter for 360-degree maintenance.

We construct our stands with lightweight aluminum and casters for mobility around your hangar or work site. The casters lock in place for a secure foundation anywhere you go. Interchangeable and removable guardrails ensure our maintenance stands are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Anti-slip surfaces and padded, lockable extension sliders support fall protection and stability.

Ample room on our helicopter stands allows technicians to store a range of tools and materials nearby. Stand space also allows for teams of technicians to operate in the same area without disrupting efficiency.

We also offer custom stands for helicopter maintenance that requires a turnkey solution. Regardless of your maintenance needs or helicopter models, we offer a platform that reflects your requirements.

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Why Choose JETechnology Solutions?

JETechnology operates in a 47,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with a team of dedicated engineers, technicians and project managers. We have over 75 years of combined fabricated products experience, and we’re focused on delivering USA-made helicopter maintenance stands that meet your project specifications.

Our clients rely on us to provide durable, lightweight maintenance stands that are compliant with OSHA standards. We strive to enhance your safety and fall protection practices with our custom maintenance stands. All manufacturing takes place in-house to guarantee consistency and quality in every step of the production process.

We’ve worked in commercial, military and business aviation, and we’re familiar with these industries’ demands. Count on our team to deliver safety and accessibility when you need it most.

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JETechnology Solutions provides American-made maintenance stands for rotary-wing and other aircraft, and you can rely on our team whenever you need custom maintenance stands that support safety and efficiency for your operation. Keep your helicopters ready for flight, and ensure your repair team stays safe on the job.

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“Their F-16 Maintenance Stand design gives us the adjustability and fall protection that we were desperately in need of.” – Davis-Monthan AFB AZ

“JETechnology Solutions, Inc. worked with our maintenance personnel to design and manufacture a set of stands for the F-22 that me our requirements. We even visited their facility and provided design input as their guys were fabricating.” – Tyndall AFB FL