The C-27J Phase Maintenance Stand offers first-class, state of the art, access to the C-27J and HC-27J aircraft. It’s a complete modular system that when combined with other options such as lights, electrical and pneumatic circuits, and toolboxes gives personnel the ability to operate on the aircraft while minimizing traveling up and down the ladder. The modular stands are equipped with jacks allowing vertical adjustability of each stand. We use not only Finite Element Analysis but proof load testing to confirm that each section is rated for a 500 lb. load capacity.


Each modular platform has ample room for storage of various pneumatic and power tools and even aircraft parts. This customized Modular Phase Maintenance Stand designed specifically for the C-27J Spartan with 5052 and 6061 aluminum construction is easily maneuvered by 1-2 personnel because of its lightweight and polyurethane coated casters. The tough iron core of the casters and its unique design allows it to be fully transported by truck and easily set up by personnel. Each module connects together via our tool-less design.


The guardrails are removable and interchangeable and still provide fall protection and OSHA compliant safety. All of the walking surfaces are equipped with antislip surfaces to help minimize any slips or falls. The individually operated extension sliders equipped with rubber padding allow for the user to custom fit each stand to the aircraft. Each extension slider is lockable without any tooling and can be put into position in seconds. The C-27J Phase Maintenance Stand is one of the most sturdiest designs on the market. It’s made to withstand the beating that maintenance personnel dish out!


We stand behind our products with a 1-year warranty. Each fall protection stand also comes equipped with an Operator’s and Maintenance Manual that describes how to properly operate and care for your stand.

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