Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Types of Military Maintenance Stands

Selecting a military maintenance stand is a detailed process. Your MRO is individualized, and finding GSE that supports it safely and ergonomically is paramount. To improve technicians’ safety and workflow, you expect high-quality equipment designed to fit your needs and budget. JETechnology Solutions is committed to exceeding those expectations with superior innovation and service.

Before looking into different stand types, consider how your facility and work might influence your maintenance stand needs. Think about the following factors:

The size of your work area
Work area storage space
Stand installation restrictions
The number of people using the stand
Current workflow inefficiencies
Current MRO routine
Desired stand weight capacity
Desired stand features
Desired stand material
Stand functionality
Necessary railing heightk, our collaborations and our consultations.

In addition to those factors, approach your maintenance stand selection with a budget in mind. Safety is crucial, but so is finding a combination of stands within your price range. Find an option that fits your MRO with an industry expert like JETechnology.

At JETechnology Solutions, we design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading custom maintenance stands, including the following:

B-1 Maintenance Stand: The B-1 maintenance stand is popular for its versatility and a range that allows for everyday operations. It adjusts between a three and 12-foot range, can carry up to 500 pounds and is easy to move.
B-4 Maintenance Stand: B-4 stands are popular maintenance platforms that have been a go-to for the U.S. military. They easily adjust between three to six feet with a hydraulic foot pump and can carry up to 500 pounds.
F-16 Phase MX Maintenance Stand: The F-16 maintenance stand offers unparalleled maneuverability, fall protection and storage. This platform’s modular nature, lightweight aluminum body and polyurethane-coated casters encourages work efficiency.
KC-135 Maintenance Stand: Our KC-135 maintenance stand is a complete modular system with state-of-the-art access and fall protection. It can withstand up to 1,000 pounds and has ample storage for tools and aircraft parts.
And More: We also offer maintenance platforms for the following plane models: F-22 Raptor, UH-60, RC-135, MH-60T, C-130 Hercules, AH-64 Apache, F-15 Eagle, C-27J Spartan, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, A-10 Thunderbolt, T-38 and F/A-18 Super Hornet.

Whether pre-made or custom, we stand behind our maintenance platforms. Our comprehensive knowledge and commitment to excellence guide our wor