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Real Success: Documented Reports of Our Positive Impact on Aircraft Maintenance

The impact of our custom aircraft maintenance stands is well documented. Review the aircraft maintenance reports below to see case studies that highlight our custom services and exceptional execution, and how they affected our clients’ efficiency and safety. Our team of engineers, designers,met and fabricators use advanced design software and a completely in-house approach to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

V-22 Nacelle Mate Fixture

V-22 Nacelle Mate Fixture

JSI was awarded a contract to build a prototype V-22 Nacelle Mate Fixture for the Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) at Cherry Point. This represented the second project for the V-22 that JSI has been awarded. This customized fixture will facilitates the removal and installation of the V-22 Nacelle to access and repair spindle bearings […]

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RC-135 Aircraft Maintenance Stand

The USAF at Offutt AFB RC-135 Aircraft Maintenance Stands

JSI received an award to provide The USAF at Offutt AFB a turnkey solution, including the design, manufacture, installation, training, and support of RC-135 aircraft maintenance stands. These stands had the unique requirement of being operated in a Hazardous Location of Class I, Division I environment. The smallest stand measured 5’L x 7’’H x 5’W. […]

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Maintenance stand surrounding F-16 aircraft

The USAF at Davis-Mothan AFB – F-16 Maintenance Stands Challenge:

JSI received a competitive award from USAF at Davis-Mothan AFB to provide a turnkey solution, including the design, manufacture, installation, training, and support of F-16 Maintenance Stands. The stands measured 14’L x 7’H x 4’W and were constructed from lightweight aluminum. These stands followed the contours of the F-16 aircraft and were capable of traveling […]

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T-38 Work Stand

T-38 Work Stands – USAF at Randolph AFB

JSI received a competitive award to manufacture T-38 Work Stands for the USAF at Randolph AFB, including installation, training, and support. The stands were primarily constructed from steel with lightweight aluminum. These stands had a vertical travel of 24”. The stands were OSHA and AFOSH compliant and include fall-protection features, such as anti-skid flooring, stair […]

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