What Is Metal Fabrication?

August 30, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an essential part of modern society, with applications visible nearly everywhere and in many different industries like infrastructure and transportation. Every day, you likely benefit from products made through metal fabrication processes in some way.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of shaping metal by hand or by machine into parts or products to be sold or used by others. Many trained professional metal fabricators work with sheet metal, which can be as thick as .25 inches. Fabricators cut, fold and weld the metal to create the final product.

Technology Used for Metal Fabrication

Technological advances have increased over time in the metal fabrication industry. There are several key types of metal fabrication techniques that have significantly influenced the industry:

  • CAD software: Computer-aided design (CAD) allows fabrication companies to produce 3D product designs digitally.
  • Automation: Operators use automated tools in various fabrication processes. These tools speed up production by bypassing constant human involvement.
  • Machinery: Recent developments in machinery solutions, such as waterjet or laser cutting, have increased efficiency in the fabrication process.

Types of Metal Fabrication

There are many ways to fabricate metal. When choosing a method, the fabricator considers the final product’s shape, utility and material.

The following are a few standard fabrication processes:

  • Cutting: Operators use various tools and techniques to cut the sheet metal down to the proper size and shape.
  • Casting: The fabricator pours molten metal into a mold, lets it cool and removes the final desired shape.
  • Forging: Using high-pressure machinery, a fabricator compresses raw material to bend and shape metal.
  • Drilling: A drill with a circular bit cuts holes in the metal to create patterns.

How Does Custom Metal Fabrication Work?

Whenever a company develops a new product idea, they send out basic designs to a machine shop. The shop will take the idea and complete the design before working out prototypes and programming the CAD for the fabrication process. Once fabrication is complete, the fabricator may finish the product by refining the surface and completing any necessary assembly.

At JETechnology, our approach is to ensure we understand what you may require so we can fabricate any of your metal fabrication needs.

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