Types of Military Aircraft in Service Today

March 24, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

Types of Military Aircraft in Service Today

The military has access to many categories of aircraft, and each serves various purposes. There are almost countless options for military aircraft between large planes for resource transportation and fighter pilot jets.

Categories of Military Planes 

Airplanes are a valuable resource to the military, and branches can modify or engineer them to serve various purposes. 

Transport Planes

Transport planes transfer resources, personnel or other aircraft from one location to another. Pallets stacked with materials make loading and unloading convenient. What’s more, personnel can use parachutes to drop supplies without landing the plane. 

Fighter Planes

Fighter planes are offensive and defensive weapons that destroy enemy aircraft in the air. They are typically small and easy to maneuver. 

Maritime Patrol Planes

These military-exclusive planes can withstand long hours of flight time over water. Maritime patrol planes are fixed-wing planes. Most often, they perform search-and-rescue or anti-ship missions. 

Bomber Planes

Military bomber planes are large, heavy planes used for ground attacks. They are much larger than other fighter planes and are less optimal in situations that require head-on combat. Some bombers have stealth capabilities to escape enemy detection. 

Attack Planes

These planes perform ground attacks with more maneuverability than bomber planes. They also provide support for ground troops. 

Reconnaissance and Surveillance Planes

Manufacturers equip these planes with specialized technology like sensors and cameras, so they can gather intelligence undetected. Military branches can use these aircraft remotely for a wide range of tasks that are too dangerous for a pilot. 

Multirole Planes

Multirole models are common military airplanes because they can complete a wide variety of tasks, sometimes even changing jobs over the course of a single mission. These planes can perform ground and air attacks, as well as surveillance and air control. 

Airborne Early Warning Planes

With radar technology, these planes detect other aircraft and ships to create a safe environment for friendly planes. Airborne early warning planes can direct fighter and attack planes to the appropriate area, and pilots can use them offensively or defensively.

Experimental Planes

If the military is testing new technology or advanced instrumentation, they use experimental planes. These planes have yet to prove their capabilities in flight. 

Electronic Warfare Planes

Electronic Warfare (EW) planes use radio waves to harm the radar enemy radio systems. Branches modify existing military planes to fight with EW.

Categories of Military Helicopters

Helicopters are a vital resource within the military. There are a few different categories, including: 

Attack Helicopters

These compact helicopters fire at enemy targets.

Transport Helicopters

Larger helicopters can carry light vehicles and groups of passengers. 

Observation Helicopters

These helicopters have sensors and cameras, so they are ideal for surveillance and intelligence.

Utility Helicopters

Versatile helicopters perform many duties, such as observation or attack. 

Maritime Helicopters

This category is most common in anti-submarine missions and weapon delivery at sea. 

Multi-role Helicopters

These aircraft support a wide range of tasks in challenging terrains. 

Search And Rescue Helicopters

These helicopters can withstand all kinds of weather and conditions because they are durable and agile. 

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