Is Predictive Aircraft Maintenance the Future?

November 26, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

Predictive maintenance is an increasingly popular topic in the aircraft industry. The term refers to special software that collects data during an aircraft’s flight. This data is, in turn, used to alert an aircraft operator of potential maintenance that will need to be completed on the plane. As a preventative measure, predictive maintenance can save both time and money.

What Is Predictive Maintenance for Aircraft?

Predictive maintenance is where specialized software collects data points about how the aircraft operates during flight. From this data, the software is able to predict a potential problem before it occurs. The projections that result from this data will allow maintenance crews to make any needed repairs or changes and enable them to ensure an aircraft is safe for passengers and crew.

Predictive Maintenance Advantages

When an airline uses predictive maintenance, it allows them to know the mechanics of their planes before a problem occurs. As a result, this means you can fix a potential issue before it becomes a real problem, and you can reduce the amount of time a plane is out of service or grounded. On top of that, it reduces the cost of maintenance labor and the parts that need servicing. A minor problem is generally easier to fix than a big issue.

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Examples of Aircraft Predictive Maintenance

One example of airplane predictive maintenance is Skywise from AirBus. By retrofitting their aircraft with this new system, data from the plane can be transported to the Skywise program.

Airplane Health Management is a similar system for Boeing’s predictive maintenance. Again, the data taken from the plane allows the operators and crew to know what may need to be fixed before it actually breaks completely, which can save time and money.

These programs are another way to ensure the safety of every plane that goes out into our skies each day. Aircraft that are safe and efficient are better for passengers and crew everywhere. Predictive maintenance can help reduce the risks associated with the issues that aircraft can face.

Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Is the Future

In short, predictive aircraft maintenance helps planes keep flying. Just like in any part of life, when you wait too long to fix a problem, things tend to get worse. However, with predictive maintenance programs, aircraft operators can save money by making minor repairs before they turn into larger issues — improving both efficiency and safety.

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