JSI is awarded Contract from U.S. Forest Service

July 31, 2020 | By JETechnology Staff

JETechnology Solutions, Inc is awarded Contract from U.S. Forest Service, Redmond Air Center for Maintenance Stands for the SD3-60 Sherpa Aircraft

JETechnology Solutions, Inc. (JSI) in Orlando, FL. has been awarded a contract from US Forest Service, Redmond Air Center in Oregon, for the design and manufacture of Maintenance Stands for the SD3-60 Sherpa Aircraft. Redmond Air Center reached out to JSI to discuss concerns with their current maintenance stands and see if JSI could come up with a design solution that would address their safety and financial requirements.

JSI will design and manufacture engine and tail maintenance stands that feature a host of OSHA compliant safety features that will make Redmond Air Center maintenance personnel’s work simpler and keep them safe.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for JSI to apply the expertise gathered from years of working on military projects to the design of these new stands. Which, in turn, will help make sure that Redmond Air Center can continue their work safely.” Says retired Marine and JSI’s Business Development Manager, Mitchell Hamilton.

Once completed, the stands will include several features and options including, removable rails, translating staircases, height-adjustable platforms, and protective bumpers, they will then be delivered to four locations including Montana, Utah, California, and Oregon. Visit www.aircraftmaintenancestands.com for more information. Call us today toll-free at (888) 510-0389. Our engineers are ready to provide a customized solution for you!