JSI is awarded Contract from RAF Mildenhall, UK

September 17, 2020 | By JETechnology Staff

JETechnology Solutions, Inc. (JSI) in Orlando, FL. has been awarded a Contract from RAF Mildenhall, UK, for the design and manufacture of a Tail Maintenance Stand for the KC-135 Aircraft. Our team of engineers will design a stand that incorporates all of the requirements specified by RAF Mildenhall, UK and at the same time deliver the superior quality product that JSI is known for.

Although JSI has delivered maintenance stands in other countries, this is the first time working with the RAF Mildenhall, UK. This time around, not only will JSI design and manufacture the stands, but they will also travel to the UK to install the stands and train the personnel who will be utilizing the equipment. JETechnology Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide complete solutions to the complex requirements and needs of our customers.

Once completed, the stands will include several features and options including, removable rails, powered height-adjustable platforms, slip resistant surfaces, swivel lock break wheels, and protective bumpers, they will then be delivered to RAF Mildenhall, UK. Visit www.aircraftmaintenancestands.com or call us today toll-free at (888) 510-0389 for more information.