Engine Access Stands

February 25, 2019 | By JETechnology Staff

From Rolls Royce to GE aviation engines, accessing the space around an aircraft’s engine — especially just above it and under the cowl — is a tricky and delicate procedure. Aircraft engine stands support maintenance professionals’ safety and productivity by helping them reach their intended workspaces.

What Is an Engine Access Stand?

In both commercial and military aviation, there are many instances when routine checks, regularly scheduled maintenance and even repairs can occur if the right personnel can be safely placed in proximity to the equipment in question. Clearly, considering the size and complexity of today’s aircraft engines, the best way to get technicians close to these engine spaces is with well-designed aircraft engine stands.

A traditional engine stand supports an engine in mid-air after it has been removed from its respective vehicle. In contrast, an engine access stand allows a maintenance professional to safely get close enough to an engine without it ever having to be separated from the aircraft. Of course, considering the rounded outer cowls and average height of large aircraft engines, reaching this space with the right tools is no easy feat.

Engine access stands are some of the most specially designed avionics work platforms on the market today. When they’re properly constructed and appropriately used, these stands offer certified protection to both workers and the engines they maintain.

Features of Aircraft Engine Access Stands

With uses that range from regularly scheduled servicing and maintenance procedures to completing time-sensitive repairs and regulatory checks, aircraft engine access stands are in near constant use in many of today’s busiest hangars and fleet maintenance areas.

What often distinguishes well-made aircraft engine access stands from other work platforms are the following features:

  • Adjustable height and pitch that allow for the greatest diversity of servicing area
  • Full padding of the stands at any possible aircraft side contact points
  • Materials used in construction that are both lightweight and strong as well as treated for corrosion resistance
  • Castors equipped with both swivel locks and braking mechanisms
  • Extensive fall and slip resistance in the form of full-sized ladder rungs and handrails
  • Secure tool trays at the top of the stands

Engine Access Stands From JETechnology Solutions

Allowing easy engine access to planes ranging from Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft to the U.S. Military’s F-15s and F-22s, our versatile engine access stands meet all federal regulatory and OSHA compliance directives. Moreover, we’re a GSA multiple award schedule contract holder with substantial experience working with both government and commercial procurement agencies. Our track record for the timely completion of critical maintenance equipment is simply superior.

When you choose JETechnology Solutions, you’ll get a 100 percent all-American product backed by our more than 75 years of experience designing turnkey solutions for avionics work platforms.

JETechnology Solutions: For the Very Best in Workmanship and Customer Service

Regardless of how many engine access stands you need, at JETechnology Solutions, we’ll treat your order with the attention it deserves. We leave nothing to chance, so your satisfaction and the safety of your workers will be fully supported.

For more information on our access stands, contact us today. You can also reach us directly by contacting a JSI engineer. The safety and productivity of your workplace will become our top priority once you reach out to us.