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F-15 Interceptor Aircraft

Fall Protection Safety Tips

February 02, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

In the aviation industry, maintenance workers, mechanics, inspectors and a host of other ground support personnel are responsible for keeping aircraft in peak condition so that every part of these highly complex machines operates safely and correctly. But what’s involved in actively keeping support crews safe from occupational falls and injuries? It’s first important to […]

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UH-60 Blackhawk flying in air with soldiers inside

Small Scissor Lifts

January 20, 2020 | By JETechnology Staff

For many forms of maintenance work where a ladder simply won’t suffice, a scissor lift platform may be the answer to your problems. Unlike boom lifts — also known as cherry pickers — that have a long telescoping arm or articulated jointed arms, a mini scissor lift is a highly compact and versatile piece of equipment. […]

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What Makes Airplanes Fly

What Makes Airplanes Fly?

April 01, 2019 | By JETechnology Staff

It’s fascinating to think that it was only a little over a century ago — on December 17, 1903, to be exact — that Wilbur and Orville Wright first flew their heavier-than-air powered airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Within a few short years, they patented their flying machine — U.S. patent 821,393 — and […]

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How Safe Is Flying in the United States?

March 25, 2019 | By JETechnology Staff

When flying in the United States, you can rest assured of your safety in the air, regardless of what your fears tell you. Thousands of workers around the world put millions of hours of effort into making your flight safe and uneventful. From maintenance crews who keep the planes in top shape to the pilots […]

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What Is Aviation Safety Culture?

March 18, 2019 | By JETechnology Staff

Aviation safety culture is a set of beliefs, values and rules — either formal or unspoken — about aviation safety that all people in an organization share. It effectively reflects a company’s true commitment — from its leadership to its workforce — to safety in daily operations and determines how safety is prioritized in practice. […]

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