Essential Aircraft Mechanic Tools List

March 29, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

Essential Aircraft Mechanic Tools List Aircraft mechanics require precise knowledge and customized tools to perform their duties. They are responsible for an airplane’s safety and efficiency, and they rely on a few basic pieces of equipment for a wide range of jobs pertaining to airplane maintenance. Aircraft mechanics should own all the following aircraft mechanic […]

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Types of Military Aircraft in Service Today

March 24, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

Types of Military Aircraft in Service Today The military has access to many categories of aircraft, and each serves various purposes. There are almost countless options for military aircraft between large planes for resource transportation and fighter pilot jets. Categories of Military Planes  Airplanes are a valuable resource to the military, and branches can modify […]

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F-15 Interceptor Aircraft

Fall Protection Safety Tips

February 02, 2021 | By JETechnology Staff

In the aviation industry, maintenance workers, mechanics, inspectors and a host of other ground support personnel are responsible for keeping aircraft in peak condition so that every part of these highly complex machines operates safely and correctly. But what’s involved in actively keeping support crews safe from occupational falls and injuries? It’s first important to […]

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How to Make Boarding an Airplane Safer and More Efficient

September 29, 2020 | By JETechnology Staff

If you’ve ever flown anywhere via a commercial airline, you’re likely familiar with the boarding process. Additionally, if you’ve flown economy and haven’t paid extra for priority boarding, you’re probably also familiar with the cluster of passengers who wait around the gate to board the plane — despite whatever boarding schedule or routine the airline […]

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5 Technologic Innovations That Are Making Planes Safer

September 21, 2020 | By JETechnology Staff

One of the reasons air travel is considered one of the safest forms of transportation is because the industry thrives on finding innovative ways to make air travel easier and safer. The advancements in technology are a major part of how the industry is able to tackle both these goals simultaneously. It’s also allowing companies […]

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