Our Process

Our Process

Resources – Maintenance Stands, Maintenance Platforms & Work Stands

Although we build custom work platforms and fall protection stands in many shapes and sizes for multiple types of aircraft, each one is the product of a meticulous process that ensures safety and reliability. Every one of our maintenance platforms and stands is designed with the appropriate safety factor and is proof loaded when required. Our welders are certified by AWS to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel alloys, and aluminum. Each maintenance stand is assigned a unique identification number that traces every step in its construction, from design through testing and manufacturing.

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Our Quality Assurance process is based upon ISO 9001: 2015 certification principles and begins at our first interaction with you. Asking the right questions in order to gather and understand your requirements is just the beginning. Before our engineering department fires up Solidworks, we plan on how we will control our process in order to ensure that your requirements are met. Pre-production meetings, as well as risk assessment analysis, mitigation planning, and in-process checks are determined before manufacturing has even cut the first piece of material. Our quality assurance process flows through procurement, manufacturing, and delivery. It demands that we only use suppliers that have been vetted and approved to be on our Qualified Suppliers List. Full traceability is what we demand from our team and offer all of our customers, and complete customer satisfaction is our goal.

Design and Engineering

Our designs begin with input from our most important team member, YOU. Our project team reviews your statement of work, request for proposal, and/or solicitation and, through experience, ensures that no stone goes unturned. We provide you with expertise like no other company can. Our team includes representatives from our engineering, manufacturing, and quality departments. For example, we take into account not only the product design but how it’s to be packaged and transported, as well as overall space requirements. We also go through an exhaustive material analysis review to ensure that the proper materials have been selected to satisfy your requirements and budgetary needs and can be manufactured within the time constraints.

Many of our designs undergo a Finite Element Analysis using Solidworks Simulation. Our capabilities include not only structural analysis but also includes fluid flow and heat transfer as well. We can also simulate tests such as drop tests and fatigue tests before the design even goes to manufacturing.


Whether its prototyping or low-volume production, 1 part or 1000 parts, our rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance process ensures that all of the design requirements are met. We plan ahead and determine which CNC equipment or fabrication technique we will use to bring your requirements to life. Our Quality Assurance department monitors our processes and procedures to ensure that our machinists, fabricators, and welders are abiding by the ISO 9001: 2015 certification quality standard.


Our Engineering and Logistics Departments work with our customers to determine packaging requirements and best methods of transportation. All of this is completed in advance of manufacturing in an effort to mitigate schedule risk. We only work with transporters that are on our Qualified Supplier List. Meaning we only trust certain suppliers with your product.

The JETechnology Solutions Warranty

All aircraft maintenance stands we supply carry a one-year warranty under normal use. This certifies that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and that the system will perform its design function for a period of no less than one (1) year. Warranty period to start from the date of final acceptance of each unit.

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