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About JSI

First-Class Service from JETechnology Solutions, Inc.

As a small business whose employees have over 75 years of combined experience in the fabricated products industry, our team delivers quality turnkey solutions for our customers’ fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft stand needs using our corporate core competencies:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Electromechanical Design
  • Research and Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Fabrication / Machining / Manufacturing
  • FEA Analysis Using Cosmosworks and Floworks
  • Electronic Packaging Design
  • Tolerance Studies and Analysis
  • Creation of 3D Models and Assemblies
  • Using Solidworks
  • CAD and Drafting Services
  • Design for DFM and DFA
  • Failure Analysis


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Aircraft Maintenance Stand Experts

With more than 75 years of combined experience, JETechnology Solutions is the trusted partner of the United States armed forces, as well as commercial entities in search of superior ground support equipment for commercial and business aircraft with fixed or rotary wings. As a provider of turnkey solutions for aircraft maintenance stands, we design, build and deliver your product from one location: our 47,000-square-foot facility in Apopka, FL.

Our continued partnership with public and private organizations comes from our dedication to quality and quality assurance. Being ISO 9001:2015 certified, we demonstrate our continued commitment to designing, engineering and manufacturing aircraft stands that deliver safety and reliability to your organization. We’re also International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant as well as certified by the American Welding Society and Solidworks.

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Who We Work With

These are a few of the clients we’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • The United States Military
  • DoD Contractors
  • Commercial Airlines
  • International & Business Aviation

Military Aircraft Maintenance Stands

When you have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, your aircraft needs to be fully operational at all times. The U.S. Military has thousands of aircraft that undergo aircraft maintenance regularly. That’s why the United States military uses aircraft maintenance stands to make sure every component is operation-ready. JETechnology Solutions manufactures military-specific aircraft stands that are used to keep our country’s state-of-the-art aviation technology in top form.

We’re proud to support our military, and we do it with all USA-made products. From materials to design and production, our team takes pride in knowing that we help the military by providing the best aircraft maintenance equipment to keep American aircraft in top shape.

Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Stands

When carrying precious cargo, nothing is as important as the safety of you and your passengers. According to the FAA, over 2,500,000 people fly every day in and out of U.S. airports. Regular and thorough maintenance with airport ground support equipment is the best way to make sure your aircraft is ready for the responsibility of frequently transporting passengers.

Airlines use our passenger plane maintenance stands to make sure their planes are safe. Some of the companies we work with include:

  • Bombardier
  • Boeing
  • Robinson
  • Embraer
  • Airbus

International & Business Aircraft Maintenance Stands

Companies around the world look to aircraft maintenance stands to support their technicians. JETechnology Solutions has become a long-term partner for many international clients because of our reputation for delivering industry-leading designs and uncompromised quality. We have a network of suppliers and carriers we trust to provide the best materials and transportation to our international buyers.

We deliver to:

  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • South Korea
  • Israel
  • United Kingdom
  • And more

All of our international products come with a one-year warranty, no matter the material used or type of equipment. The warranty protects against material defects and is a reflection of our confidence in our material suppliers and our international support network.

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Why Choose Us?

From concept to completion, we handle every step of producing your aircraft maintenance platforms. Our approach to delivering a quality engineered solution includes:

Quality Assurance

The core of our operation is quality assurance, which we’ve developed with AS9100C principles. Whether we’re in the pre-production, procurement, manufacturing or delivery phase, our team demands excellence in the quality of your ground support equipment. That’s why we learn your requirements early, as well as ensure full traceability and the use of qualified suppliers that match our goals for producing a product that’s 100 percent American-made.

Design Experts

Our design and engineering team considers every aspect of your aircraft maintenance stand. The group reads through your statement of work, request for proposal and any additional requirements, plus your budget and designated deadline. Our expert team also thinks about the transport and packaging of your aircraft stands before diving into a design. Afterward, we test them — simulating drops, heat transfer, fluid flow, fatigue and more before initiating manufacturing.

Trusted Delivery & One-Year Warranty

After construction, your aircraft maintenance stands are ready for delivery. We prepare them for shipping with the appropriate packaging materials, as well as by partnering with trusted carriers that offer the best method of transportation for your platform. When your aircraft stands arrive, they come with a one-year warranty for their craftsmanship.


At JETechnology Solutions, we’re as committed to workplace safety as you are. Each design is examined for OSHA standards and regulations. Many of our products meet Air Force Office of Safety and Health (AFOSH) requirements as well. See the certifications we’ve achieved as a promoter and steward of fall prevention and OSHA-compliance.

The organization is perhaps best known for its code and certification procedures, which provide industry standards for the welding and joining of metals, plastics and other materials. Through their publications, internet forums, social media, member services, local and national events, educational resources, networking activities, and certification procedures, AWS keeps welding professionals and those interested in materials science up to date with the most current advances and procedures in the industry.

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Our 5-Step Process

At JETechnology Solutions, we have a five-step process that’s been making managers of all aviation industries happy for years:

1. Aircraft Maintenance Stand Consultation & Collaboration

The first step toward your custom maintenance solution is a pressure-free consultation. We’ll get to know you and your operation needs, and then discuss options that may be good for you.

We’ve collaborated with almost every aviation industry — from passenger airlines and international companies to the United States military. For every customer, there’s a unique maintenance solution. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best equipment possible. With over 40,000 daily flights in the U.S. alone, reliable and efficient GSE has never been more crucial.

We have extensive experience working with the United States military, which has helped us become the experts on custom-design. The military has several models of special-purpose aircraft that need their own custom maintenance equipment. Because of this experience, we know to how engineer GSE solutions for any maintenance routine. Our team of engineers has over 75 years of combined experience and will design the best setup for you.

The next step is to discuss your goals — what aircraft you manage, what your current maintenance equipment is like and how you would like it to improve. Once we know what your management needs and goals are, we’ll be able to suggest equipment options.

There are specific requirements that every manager needs to fulfill. We’ll discuss your maintenance routine to establish the details of what type of work your team does. No matter what you need to get done, we have options for materials and features that will fit your specifications.

We have a wide range of options to fit your budget. Depending on your goals and operations, we offer different materials for construction that fit into the price range for your maintenance needs.

Upon approval, we conduct interviews with your in-house safety experts, end-users and stakeholders.

We’ll even come to your facility to survey your workspace to consider its layout for the design of your work stand. These are some of the factors we consider when visiting your facility:

  • Dimensional Restrictions: We assess your work area to determine what type of equipment is best suited to the space you have, not only for when the stand set up but for storage as well.
  • Flooring Specifications: You need a stand that functions well in your facility. It must be designed for mobility, and you must have enough space to operate around it as well.
  • Installation Restrictions: Before design and shipping to your facility, we determine the best course of action for installation, so as to not interrupt your ongoing maintenance as we install.
  • Load Capacity: Depending on your workers and the tools you use in your maintenance, we determine the load capacity you’ll need for your equipment so that it is safe and compliant with OSHA regulations before we begin to design.
  • Preferences for Material Construction: When we visit your facility, we can better determine which materials are suitable for your operations.
  • Modularity: We design some of our work stands to be compatible as modular units — able to be attached and detached from wrap-around platforms for the ultimate versatility for any maintenance job.
  • The Number of People Using the Stands: We meet your maintenance team and get to know how they work — how many people they prefer in one maintenance area at a time, etc. — and then we can design a stand that fits into the way they operate.
  • Railing Height: Depending on your operations, railing height can be an important specification to determine in person — it provides your maintenance team with a safe working platform, and it makes sure the railing doesn’t get in the way for specific repair jobs.

2. Design & Concept

The next phase before we begin manufacturing is to design your maintenance stand. Here at JETechnology, our most valuable team member is you. Our process revolves around you, and we don’t put anything into production until we make sure it’s exactly what’s right for your team and your maintenance facility.

This is how we do it:

  • Hand Sketching: Our industry-leading and innovative designs all start with a hand sketch. We manually conceptualize each custom platform before we put it into our digital engineering programs.
  • 3D CAD Modeling: We use 3D CAD modeling, so you’ll be able to see your custom maintenance stand in three dimensions before it enters into the production phase. This makes it easy to collaborate and tweak the design if need be.
  • In-Person Collaboration: We keep you involved in our manufacturing process — our customers often visit our facility before and during fabrication. We collaborate with you to make sure every aspect of your maintenance equipment is exactly how you envision it.

Because of our extensive experience, we know how to make high-quality, practical GSE designs. Working closely with our clients has made us the experts on creating solutions that maximize functionality. We guarantee our custom equipment to be the safest and most user-friendly available.

No matter what custom design we make, safety is always our priority.

We make sure our designs are compliant with up-to-date safety regulations. Your maintenance platforms have to be up to code to protect your aircraft and engineers as well as to satisfy the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire Protection and Health (AFOSH) codes. All of our custom stands are OSHA and AFOSH compliant.

If you have maintenance equipment that isn’t up to safety code, it’s dangerous to your workers, and you may be at risk for OSHA fines. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports about three million workplace injuries per year — we help our clients avoid being a part of this statistic.

OSHA requirements are numerous and specific, and we’re proud that our products satisfy and exceed their safety specifications. We incorporate all OSHA safety requirements into every custom design we make — everything from handrail height to load capacity rating to the materials and angle of your staircases.

3. Manufacturing & Shipping Detailing

At JETechnology Solutions, we manufacture all of our ground support equipment in-house at our 12,000 square-foot headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Because we do everything right here, it makes quality assurance and modifications quick and easy — which means our lead times are faster for your project. We guarantee quality assurance in our manufacturing process and maintain full traceability of our material sourcing, which ensures you get a well-made product:

  • All of our maintenance stands are 100-percent American-made. From our materials to our labor, everything is done right here in the U.S.A. We’re proud to offer all-American products that are of the highest quality available. We have a vetted and approved Qualified Suppliers List that guarantees you receive the highest-grade materials.
  • During every phase of our production process, we perform rigorous quality checks through our Quality Assurance program.
  • Before we begin to manufacture your ground support equipment, we plan how we’ll ship it to you. We handle every aspect of delivery — from packaging requirements to delivery and setup. We make sure your stand gets to you quickly and safely.
  • We determine the best method of transportation for your equipment and your preferences. We maintain flexible shipping options, and we work with you to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective manner of delivery.
  • Our ground support equipment comes ready to assemble. From the moment it arrives at your facility, it’s prepared for your new and improved maintenance routine. We also offer installation as training support at your facility upon request.

Because we plan packaging and delivery before manufacturing, we’re ready to ship as soon as we finish making your stand — so you’ll receive it as quickly as possible. Our Engineering and Logistics team works closely with you during the process so that we can make a seamless transition into delivering and setting up your ground support equipment.

4. Testing & Documentation

While we perform quality assurance checks throughout our design and manufacturing process, we have a phase dedicated to testing every component of our products so that they work flawlessly when they get to your facility. We have a structured and detailed testing process that guarantees an excellent and safe product — no matter which size or type of stand you order. We’ve created our tried-and-tested Quality Assurance program with AS9100C principles.

Our Testing and Documentation Phase includes:

  • Quality Assurance: Before we ship the product to you, it undergoes rigorous testing to make sure it’s up to our high standards of quality as well as compliant with OSHA requirements. We engineer all of our stands on a military-grade level, and we take personal pride in every piece of equipment we make.
  • A Detailed Testing Phase: We have a detailed checklist that each piece of maintenance equipment undergoes before we approve it for delivery. Every component is tested for functionality and quality before we send your order to you.
  • An Operation and Maintenance Manual: We create an operation and maintenance manual specific to your custom equipment. The manual includes how to safely assemble and operate your stand as well as any maintenance that’s needed to keep it working for years to come.
  • Documentation: We provide any additional documentation you need concerning safety specifications to satisfy OSHA and AFOSH requirements. We’ll guide you through the details and answer any questions you may have.

We hold all of our products to the highest standard because we know the importance of reliable maintenance equipment. We work with the United States military, and their aircraft must be ready to go at a moment’s notice. That’s why we engineer all of our stands to be military-tough and reliable — our clients can’t afford to worry about their ground support equipment. It has to be simple to operate, easy to maintain and reliable one hundred percent of the time.

You can expect the highest-quality from every piece of maintenance equipment we make because we know what’s at stake — it’s not just the safety of your crew on the ground, but also your crew and aircraft in the air.

5. Delivery, Setup & Training

We demonstrate your platform’s features to your in-house safety inspectors. This way, there’s no guesswork, and you can immediately begin using your stand with peace of mind. There’s no substitute for having the safest equipment available for your maintenance engineers. They’ll appreciate the professional-level setup and have a functional, secure work stand at their disposal.

At your request, we set up your equipment and provide onsite training. We’ll come to your facility and show you the best way to assemble your aircraft maintenance stand. We’ll teach you and your maintenance team the safest practices for operations and tricks as well as tips for storage, disassembly and interfacing of tools and power. We make sure your transition into using your new equipment is smooth and doesn’t interrupt your ongoing operations.

We have a trusted network of delivery partners we use to deliver all over the United States and the world. Our quality assurance goes beyond just our design and manufacturing — it goes with your maintenance equipment all the way to your facility. We only use shipping companies that reflect the commitment to the excellent service of JETechnology Solutions. Our network of shipping associates has worked with us for years and is a valued asset to our company.

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